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Walk to Freedom

Depicting “Freedom” in a moment, this scene represents how an impactful moment can positively affect an entire community for the better.

  • Artist

    Jonathan Rogers

  • Tags

    Carceral Reform, Incarceration Reform, Walk to Freedom

About the Artist

Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers has been working in the art community of Western New York and Southern Ontario for decades. He began working as an apprentice printer in 1954. In 1956-59 he attended the Ontario College of Art & Design. He has been celebrated and recognized as an internationally awarded animator. As a painter, past animator, Jonathan creates artworks that follow in a series pattern. His art ranges from tormented dancing children, with representations of story-book lives in the background, to a seemingly biblical worship of a protective god.  In 1999, he settled in Niagara Falls and has a studio at the NACC.

Jonathan describes himself as a realist and he creates his artwork in a series pattern. He has completed many public art projects in Niagara Falls including a mural in the NACC and a mural in Art Alley.

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