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Uhuru Love

Uhuru Love, originally named Gloria Gwendolyn Daniels by her parents Alexander and Freda Daniels, was born in Niagara Falls. She graduated from the State University College at Buffalo; received a B.S. in Art Education and an M.S. from State University College at Buffalo Graduate School of Art Education. In 1958, she began exhibiting her artwork, however it was in 1962 that her work attracted wide notice and recognition.

In 1965, she became actively interested in the Civil Rights Revolution; adopted the name Uhuru Love, Swahili and English words meaning “freedom (is) love” and began planning for her revealing art exhibition called Uhuru Uwezo meaning in Swahili “freedom (is) power.” In this year, she also became the proud recipient of an honorary Doctorate.

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    LaShonda Davis

About the Artist

LaShonda Davis

LaShonda Davis is a contemporary visual artist who specializes in the creation of large-scale artwork. Using acrylic-based paint, she creates a range of work including murals, sidewalk art, public art, and wall-sized canvas. As a professional artist, Davis collaborates with property managers, interior designers, and curators to produce site-specific and visually impactful artwork. Much of her signature painting style features a textural, three-dimensional layer that invites the viewer into a tactile experience of her paintings. To view her portfolio visit:

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