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The Girl with the Snail Earring

Suarez applied and was selected for the NF Murals project in 2020 with an idea to combine the natural flora and fauna of the Niagara Falls region and portraiture representing youth. The mural highlights the several species of seagulls that are drawn to the Falls from widely varying areas, drawing attention to the visible beauty of the natural world and inspiring appreciation for it.


The mural also includes a portrait of a young, mixed Japanese-Black woman whom Suarez has mentored in the past. One of the lessons that Suarez says he has learned from working with youth is the importance of people of color to see themselves represented in art. This mural serves as a way to honor the importance of the powerful potential that lies within youth, while also celebrating the beauty of diversity — as our region is home to people from a unique blend of cultures and ethnicities. 


  • Artist

    Justin Suarez

  • Tags

    fauna, flora, portrait, representation, seagulls, sealife, youth empowerment

About the Artist

Justin Suarez

Born on a family farm in upstate New York, Justin Suarez is an artist who brings together the rural and the urban. Celebrating wildlife, he paints flora and fauna flawlessly over concrete and brick. With over 18 years of experience, he has painted murals across the US, and his work has been exhibited around the world. Justin is also a valued handler of birds of prey at Wild Wings Animal Sanctuary outside Rochester, NY, and a co-founder of Roc Paint Division, the City of Rochester’s Youth Mural Arts Program. To learn more about Justin and his art, visit his website

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