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Historic Cataract House

For many Freedom-Seekers, the final leg of a journey along the Underground Railroad began in Niagara Falls and ended with safe passage into Canada. The staff of the Cataract House made this possible.

  • Artist

    Imani Williamson

  • Tags

    Abolition History, African-American History, Black History, Niagara Falls Heritage, Niagara Falls History, The Cataract House, Underground Railroad

About the Artist

Imani Williamson

Imani Williamson is a visual artist based in Buffalo NY. She uses vibrant colors in traditional and digital media to explore techniques and apply them to the human form. She is inspired by spirituality and human thought, themes which manifest in her work in the form of halos, third eyes, and other spiritual elements. Imani is currently attending Daemen College for Illustration and has exhibited her work throughout Buffalo.

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