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Freedom Seekers

Thanks to the ‘Falls this city has always been an international attraction  but before the abolition of slavery, Freedom Seekers from across the country came to Niagara Falls from for a different reason. 

  • Artist

    Natalia Suska

  • Tags

    Abolition History, African-American History, Niagara Falls History, Underground Railroad

About the Artist

Natalia Suska

Natalia Suska is a Polish native and artist who graduated from Niagara Falls High School in 2018 and is now attending Georgetown University for Mathematics. Natalia has been an artist all of her life and received a 5 on the AP Studio Art exam at 16 years old. She currently works on abstract portraits, has experience designing flyers and advertisements, and has had artworks displayed in Daemen College, the University at Buffalo, and the Albright-Knox Art Museum (2016-2017).

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