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A Niagara Falls Love Story

After the project at the African Heritage Food Co-op, Tyshaun began working with the Niagara Falls National Heritage as an art consultant and also completed a mural project. He was inspired by the historical figures, the unsung heroes, of Niagara Falls. He spent time in the library exploring the historical archives of different figures. For A Niagara Falls Love story, he was inspired by Charles B. Hayes, the first Black Physician in Niagara Falls, and the work that he and his wife did in the community. He hopes that people will be more aware of Dr. Hayes’s story — he emigrated from Jamaica to New York City and made his way to Niagara Falls. Tyshaun found that this project was an excellent way to combine his interest in history and passion for art in a project that depicts a key figure in Niagara Falls’ story.

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    Jalen Law

About the Artist

Tyshaun Tyson

Tyshaun Tyson, aka “The Left-Handed Bandit,” has been an artist since he was a child. He went to Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and then studied at Buffalo State, where he graduated in 2013 with a degree in art. Up until his last semester, Tyshaun had focused on printmaking, but he took a painting course and discovered a passion for it. After college, he started his own art business, The Left-Handed Bandit Artistic Services. Around that time, he started painting small pieces for family, friends, and small businesses, and in 2017 he began creating outdoor mural projects. In 2019 he applied to create a mural for Niagara Falls outside the African Heritage Food Co-op.

Tyshaun doesn’t restrict himself in terms of themes for his work, but his signature style includes bold color usage, expressive line variations, bold accents, and thoughtful details. He also specializes in portraiture.

Visit his website at to learn more!

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