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Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter mural was created by artists Ashley Kay and Tyshaun Tyson in June of 2020. The mural was completed in just three days along the 57 foot wall at Main & Depot in Niagara Falls, NY. The installation sparked conversations and reflects the current times. The Black Lives Matter movement means so much to our community and to our artists. It is a reminder to the Niagara Falls community that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

  • Artists

    Ashley Kay & Tyshaun Tyson

  • Tags

    black lives matter, blm, racial injustice

About the Artists

Ashley Kay & Tyshaun Tyson

Ashley Kay’s artwork combines realism with abstract design to create surreal portraits and scenes. She is often inspired by, and focus on, human emotion and movement within my work. Her goal with every piece is to create a scene that helps her viewer see realistic elements or the people that they see in everyday life through a more inspiring and magical lens. Ashley attended Buffalo State for Fashion Merchandising and received a B.S. in Art.

Tyshaun Tyson, aka “The Left-Handed Bandit” is an independent artist out of Buffalo, NY specializing in traditional and urban art. He is proficient in multiple mediums of art including drawing; airbrushing, painting; photography and so much more. “The Left-Handed Bandit Artistic Services” was founded in 2015 based on a childhood nickname relating to the fact that he is left-handed. He used his left hand to transform a wide variety of canvases and textures into works of art. Visit his website at

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