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John “Spider” Martin

Niagara Falls contributed many musicians that formed Western New York’s Jazz History.

Local Jazz musician, John “Spider” Martin was painted by local artist Edreys Wajed in 2019 for the Niagara Falls Murals Project. The piece depicts Martin from his 1977 “Absolutely” album cover.

  • Artist

    Edreys Wajed

  • Tags

    African-American History, Black Musicians, Jazz Era, Jazz Music, Niagara Falls History

About the Artist

Edreys Wajed

Edreys Wajed is a Buffalo based creative entrepreneur. He has transitioned through several crafts and artistic media throughout his life, working as a visual artist, jewelry maker,  craftsman, musician, graphic designer and educator. Though he finds inspiration for his visual work in his day to day observations and intuitive temperament, his biggest inspiration “is to actually be an inspiration. I want to be an inspiration to others through my thoughts, words and actions.”

Edreys Definition of Freedom

“Freedom means to me, that all people are justly granted without obstruction, the right to pursue and obtain peace of mind, food, clothing and shelter and be afforded the opportunity to contribute to the community and world with whatever gifts, talents and knowledge they posses. Freedom is a balanced scale that should always seek to right itself even and straight.”

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